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Dong Ryong  by absolutelymonstrous Dong Ryong :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 1 0 Reply 1988  by absolutelymonstrous Reply 1988 :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 3 0 Raina Amin of Quantico  by absolutelymonstrous Raina Amin of Quantico :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 2 0 Nani Pelekai - Lilo and Stitch by absolutelymonstrous Nani Pelekai - Lilo and Stitch :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 17 3 Quantico (ABC) by absolutelymonstrous Quantico (ABC) :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 1 0 the only thing real about you - simon and raina by absolutelymonstrous the only thing real about you - simon and raina :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 3 1 Grim Reaper and Sunny - Goblin by absolutelymonstrous Grim Reaper and Sunny - Goblin :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 3 0 Matt - Until Dawn by absolutelymonstrous Matt - Until Dawn :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 7 0 Bubble - Got7's Youngjae by absolutelymonstrous Bubble - Got7's Youngjae :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 6 0 Meg and Calvin (A Wrinkle in Time) by absolutelymonstrous Meg and Calvin (A Wrinkle in Time) :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 4 0
sometimes love is cliche (short story)
He sat next to me on the curb, the sun illuminating his olive skin, itching to pull out a cigarette but knew I would snatch it out of his hand if he did. His hair fell over his deep set eyes and his white t-shirt danced in the breeze. He was quite pleasant to look at, even if he humbly denied it.
"So," he broke the comfortable silence around us, "what are the top five most attractive kinds of men, in your opinion?"
I raised an eyebrow. "That sounds like a  pretty general question."
"That's because it is," he replied, a smirk grazing his face as he stared at the empty street.
He asked so many random questions that I stopped asking why. He probably had racing thoughts that left him with doubts.
Regardless, I decided to humor him.
"Do you know what roofers are?" I asked.
"Guys who repair roofs?"
"I mean the extreme sport- roofing."
He finally looked at me with an incredulous expression. "People repair roofs as a sport now?"
I laughed, but his expression didn't change. Sometimes it's
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Sketch Dump #2 by absolutelymonstrous Sketch Dump #2 :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 4 3 Sketch Dump #1 by absolutelymonstrous Sketch Dump #1 :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 4 2
Anything but Average (Short Story)
The stale air made me feel claustrophobic and on edge. The rainbow rave lights were aligned in just the right position so that the bright orange one would keep blinding me, from my spot by the wall. I wasn't really sure where my friend was, but it would be nice if she wouldn't keep disappearing on me. It was really about time we got back.
I recognized a couple of boys from class leaning forward on the short, hotel couches, chattering extravagantly among themselves. One of them, with a pretty crappy fade, glasses, and a slight lisp, noticed me staring in their general direction and stared back. Usually I wouldn't break eye contact, but I was really not in the mood for confrontation.
Thankfully, I didn't have to shove my way past people to get near the parking lot because the floor was already starting to clear (of people, not red solo cups). It was about three o'clock in the morning, which was not that late for a party, but the host had already run out of edibles.
As soon as I stepped o
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Court by absolutelymonstrous Court :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 3 2
todd allison x reader - retrace
todd allison x reader - retrace (todd allison and the petunia violet)
Sunlight glinted through open windows and cast a sprinkling of brightness over dozens of potted plants, leaves still wet with the dew of last night's routinely botanical care. The sun was only beginning to fill up the sky with it's warmth, but the breeze had already taken residency throughout the urban areas in Australia. There was few sounds except soft breathing and the chirping of magpies and yellow robins. Todd Allison stirred in his sleep as the thin, transparent curtains brushed his skin, his vibrant hair shielding his eyes from the glinting light. He had a pounding in his head and a sour aftertaste in his mouth. He remembered little from yesterday aside from a tinkling of glasses at Cyril's and soft laughter that had left residue within his mind.
Cyril wasn't the only one there. He knew it. Someone had held his hand, guiding him across the street.
The street? He'd almost gotten hit by an automobile, hadn't he?
:iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 1 0
Hetalia LOL icons - Austria by HetaliaIcons i am a smol bean pls be impress



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