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Peculiars :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 6 0 Jane Bennett and Charles Bingley :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 8 0 Mushy Nerds :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 3 0 Sorority Girl :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 11 0 Suga (BTS) - Slytherin :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 7 0 Eat Well - Weightlifting Fairy :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 4 0 body in space :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 7 4
song woo bin x reader ::: warmth
Song Woo Bin x reader (Boys Over Flowers)
You were on a roll. You had never been as productive in your life as you were in that moment. Nothing could ruin this flow. You wouldn't let anything ruin this flow. You had turned off your phone, finished a hearty breakfast, and now you were going to finish the stack of overdue Chemistry assignments.
"Yo yo yo!"
Ah, well, you forgot to take into account the one thing that essentially could ruin your flow.
"Woo Bin, that will never be cool," you called over your shoulder, making a conscious effort to cling to the little resolve for Chemistry left.
The guy was a magnet. He clung to you wherever you went. Don't get me wrong, you loved it, but just not right now in this moment of academic peril.
"What's not cool?" he asked, pretending not to know how awkward his random English outbursts of "yo" and "dude" really were.
You sighed and threw your pencil into the valley of your textbook before turning around on the chair to face him. "You. You'
:iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 6 6
Petunia Elkwood :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 6 0 Kuro and Alexus :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 5 0
germany x reader ::: imprisoned - part four
germany x reader - imprisoned (part four) {hetalia}
You tucked Ludwig's glove into the breast pocket of your jailsuit before stepping outside of the world you'd grown accustomed to. It didn't smell much like him anymore, but you'd grown somewhat obsessive over needing to carry it around at all times.
Leaving your cell felt like breathing in a first breath of fresh air- like if you had a pillowcase over your head and took it off to realize the definition of air itself wasn't stifling silence.
You placed your hand on the wall, gliding it along the surface of the glossy, white paint. The fairly narrow hallway appeared to extend downwards. You assumed there to be a flight of stairs at the end, which you soon confirmed to be true.
You ravished in the sound of your soft slippers hitting the floor (and Ludwig's boots) echoing off the walls. You were experiencing the simplicity of the world again.
You found it odd that there was a whole hallway built for one cell. Were you really that dangerou
:iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 42 19
The Ark (Soma) :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 15 20 Jay (Beyond Two Souls) :iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 6 5
germany x reader ::: imprisoned - part three
germany x reader - imprisoned (part three) {hetalia}
You woke up to the sight of two drawing pens tucked under your cell door and the faint smell of Ludwig's cologne due to the crumpled white glove you held under your chin.
You smiled, sweeping the pens off the floor in a swift motion before peering outside the bars to thank him.
Your words caught in your throat, your jaw dropping at the sight of your old guard from months ago.
"Where's Ludwig?" you said stupidly, not thinking about the danger it might bring to him for revealing his name to you.
This guard never reacted. If he ever thought anything of you, he never let you know.
"What did you do to him?" you shouted, a terrible pain ripping at your insides.
You must've gotten him in trouble yesterday, you realized, bringing the pens to your lips.
You turned back to your "bed", sitting down on the edge and placing your writing utensils next to the glove before running your fingers through your tangled hair.
The guards were obviously not
:iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 42 35
germany x reader ::: imprisoned - part two
germany x reader - imprisoned (part two) {hetalia}
It had been a month since you'd "met" Ludwig and you'd gotten so little of a reaction out of him. You were obsessed with his presence, which made sense, seeing as he was the only interesting thing in your life.
You stretched on your worn mattress, eyes his broad outline from inside your darkened cell. Rolling over onto your side, you began picking at the fraying threads on your mattress.
"Why is this prison so outdated?" you inquired aloud for the fourth time that week. You didn't understand the eeriness of the situation and you desperately longed for answers.
After the familiar silence following your questions, you slid off your mattress onto the dusty cement floor.
"Ludwig, if I can successfully make you smile three times before your shift ends, can you bring me something to write with?"
You kicked aside the blankets tangled between your legs and walked past the toilet along the right wall, rubbing your temples in response to his sil
:iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 51 25
germany x reader ::: imprisoned - part one
germany x reader - imprisoned (part one) {hetalia}
Most spies in Berlin were blackmailed by the governments of their home countries. You were one of those people. You could still remember the day your father was brought to his knees, the end of the rifle pressed into his skull. You could remember the scream erupting from your mother's throat and the smell of gunpowder filling your nostrils before your father's body collapses in a muddled heap, the crimson pooling around his head and staining the carpet. You hardly had time to react before you were yanked out of your home by the collar.
"Your country loves you. You must love your country back. Once you're in Berlin, find Hughes Aircraft Company and apply for a job there. You'll need to collect the radar and antitank designs within a three month time-span if you ever want to see your mother again. Know of course, that this is for your own good. Your country loves you, little one, your country loves you."
And such was the introduct
:iconabsolutelymonstrous:absolutelymonstrous 70 28
Hetalia LOL icons - Austria by HetaliaIcons i am a smol bean pls be impress



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